Domain Scams

Domain scams often work like this:

  • You're sent an invoice to renew a domain name very like but different from yours.
  • You receive what appears to an invoice for your actual domain name but it isn't a real invoice.
  • You receive notice from a company other than the one you used to register your domain, advising your domain is due for renewal.


  • Check the domain name is exactly the same as yours including the extension.Note that is not the same as .com.
  • Check that it is a real invoice
  • Check that the company the invoice is from is the one you have been dealng with.
  • If the domain IS the same ,check that the domain is actually due to be renewed.
  • You should have a copy of the registration certificate. If you have mislaid it, check your domain name here for details.

If any one of these conditions does NOT apply, do not pay the invoice. If in doubt, contact the company you usually deal with!

Unsolicited Mail:

Beware of unsolicited letters you may receive in the mail from groups such as Domain Name Group, Domain Registry Pty Ltd, Domain Register Pty Ltd or similar such names.

You may receive one if you currently own a domain,or manage a domain name, offering to sell you a variation of the name you already own. For instance, you may have a domain and they will offer to sell you a .com one

The letter, or part of it, may look like an invoice, even though it is clearly an invitation to purchase a domain. The price they are charging is ridiculous - more than $200 for 2 years !! This offer may come with a 'free IPOD' - but you will be aware you can buy one much cheaper than this!

Don't be fooled - if you are interested in the domain name they are offering, contact us. Check out our prices - they are a  fraction of what this company is quoting!

Emails about "Cyber Squatting"

Beware of emails that arrive in your inbox, (often from Asian countries) advising that someone in   your (usually but not always) own country  has attempted to register a domain name that is exactly like your own. The company, if you click on their name, is often a Domain Registrar, and guess what? yes, they are hoping to persuade you to purchase the name in another version, just to protect it - and the price is usually far more than you have to pay here, or in most other places. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS!


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