postheadericon Domain Names

A domain name is a component of a Uniform Resource Locator (URL), or internet address, which web browsers use to find and access web sites. If you want to have your own website you'll need to register a domain.

NOTE that you cannot prevent others from registering a domain with the same name as yours, with a different top level domain (TLD). Register your domain in each version if you are concerned., ie. both .com. and .net.

ALSO note that a domain may be registered with a different country TLD. eg may also be registered as or Consider registering with your own country TLD and any other you wish to restrict to your own use.

In case you are wondering, you do not need to have multiple websites if you have multiple domain names, they can all be directed to the one website!

If you have a trademark, you do have some protection.MICROSOFT and GOOGLE for instance, are trademarks that others cannot use in a domain. So consider taking a trademark out if you have a business or trading name you want to use in a domain name.For more information on trademarks, see here

If you should discover that someone has registered a domain name using your existing trademark, you do have some legal redresss. More information here

postheadericon Geographic Domain Names for Communities!

Would you like to see your local community on the net, where people can find you?

In November 2002 auDA announced that it would create eight new second level domains (2LDs) for Australian states and territories -,,,,,,, - so that Australian geographic names could be used by the relevant local community. The proposed domain structure is placename.state/ - for example, or

Check out here for more information, including how to apply for the right to register your community's domain name.If you are interested but not quite ready, you can also register an expression of interest.

Note that the prices quoted for registering a domain on that website are higher than ours. Once you have the authorization to use a community domain name, get back to us for the best prices on geographic domain names!!